Clarkes of Melton Ltd provide horse and pony cremation and animal disposal for fallen stock / dead animals (pigs, cattle, poultry, sheep etc) throughout East Anglia (Essex, Suffolk, Norfolk and Cambridgeshire). It is the only business of its type in the United Kingdom currently approved under the RSPCA's Freedom Food assurance scheme.
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Currently servicing numerous farms our service is second to none in quality, efficiency, and professionalism and offers a unique system of sealed bin storage on your site with sanitised handling procedures.

A recent investment of almost £750,000 has produced a modern facility with the highest standards of cleanliness and environmental awareness i
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n operation which is fully approved by Defra. The infrastructure of the site is designed for all animals to progress to rendering.

The modern purpose-built reception building has three unloading bays each with a roller door which is closed during c
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arcass handling to provide a sealed environment. Each lorry leaving the premise carries 45 gallons of ready-mixed disinfectant to enable wheels to be washed at each farm. All washing down and lorry washing water goes into a 50 tonne tanker before being taken away from site. Business premised are inspected frequently by local authorities and national regulatory bodies.


Philip Clarke
tel: 01394 382592
(Office hours 7am - 6pm, 7 days)

mob: 07799 882401
(emergencies and out of hours)

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